Jeffreys Bay Online Portal Policy

1. The Jeffreys Bay Online Portal herein referred to as JBOP refers to the platforms that includes the following:

a) Website:
b) Facebook:
c) Twitter:
d) Instagram:
e) Vodacom LINK APP: JBO News
f) Telegram: Jeffreys Bay Online News
g) Jeffreys Bay Online News – An email subscriber base

2. The Policy and guidelines stipulated below speaks to the Facebook Group called Jeffreys Bay Online, at the address: This link can also be accessed from The Group was created on 21 February 2016.


3. The following policies will be discussed:

a) Copyright
b) Admins
c) Membership
d) Posting
e) Advertising


4. Files or content of files in the file section on the Group may not be copied and re-published without permission from the author.  Content copied with permission, must provide the required credit (ie Jeffreys Bay Online) when re-published online or in the print media.


5. Facebook Admins are listed on this linkAdmins are not paid for what they do. They are professional people with Businesses to manage and with private lives. Please support them in their task.

6.  Members should message Admins direct in the event you have an issue. Member issues with Admin will not be discussed on the open group.

7. Admins have the authority to end discussions on posts when deem necessary. This decision is not negotiable. In the event an Admin needs to make a ruling on a matter the message will be ended with (Admin)

8. Blocking of Admins not allowed. Members will be removed in the event this is not rectified.


9. Begging online for funds or goods will not be allowed.

10. Fundraising may be conducted only if a NPO number is included, stating clearly who the beneficiaries are.


11. Due to the vast number of fake profiles on Facebook and to protect our current members, membership of this group will be at the discretion of Admins. Profiles need  to include at least a profile image as well as your current city/town where you live in. Suspicious looking profiles will not be approved. The more authentic information on the profile the easier it will be approved.


12. The following subjects will not be tolerated and are not negotiable:

a) Crude Language
b) Racial issues
c) Sexual
d) Naming and Shaming

13. The following subjects will be strictly controlled with admin discretion:

a) Religion
b) Politics
c) Controversial

14. Posts relating to theft, damage to property or bodily harm will not be approved unless a case number is included, with short description of the facts. This could serve as a warning of such incident advising the general public. As the matter will then be investigated, comments will not be entertained. Any further detail could be provided to the poster direct or more information on the incident can by presented at the local SAPS.

15. Posts relating to Complaints, whether Service Delivery or General and emergencies will NOT be approved unless it is clearly stated what action you have taken as the reporter of such complaint/emergency. In the event of any Service Delivery complaint your report should be directed to the LINK App (Info on Kouga Municipality website) or the Call Centre via 042 200 2200. Once the problem has been resolved the post will be closed for comments.


16. Business adverts are ONLY allowed Mondays and Thursdays. Only adverts from the Kouga region will be accepted, unless no such product or service is available locally.

17. Business adverts are restricted to one advert per client.

18. Adverts for jobs and job seekers as well as the selling of personal & classified goods are permitted 24/7 with unlimited adverts allowed.

19. The selling of Dogs and Cats is not  allowed, unless through official rescue sanctuaries.

Last Update: 11-03-2019

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